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Sara J is privately held company owned by Ima Abdullah and Sara Jamaludin, the in house designers. Sara J is a high end fashion label that specialises in couture, luxury wear and ready-to-wear for women, men and also kids. Sara J caters for those who would go for bold and sophisticated look. Made headlines through Manila Fashion Week (2014), Jakarta Fashion Week (2016) and also latest New York Fashion Week (2017). Sara J aims to achieve greater success in the future, to be one of the biggest fashion house internationally.


Sara Jamaludin

Fashion designer Sara Jamaludin was born on January 30th 1989 in Kuala Lumpur, is famous for her bold and sophisticated garment pieces. Sara was raised by a fashion designer mother who taught her to sew since she was 9. She had a little knowledge in fashion before she started a fashion course in University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) back in 2008. Graduated with flying colours, Sara started her own brand in 2014 after a few years of gaining experience under her mother’s label. Had a daring breakthrough fashion debut as a newcomer at Manila Fashion Week in 2014, has made Sara hungry for more. Therefore, she made it through Jakarta Fashion Week in 2016 and also New York Fashion Week in 2017. She is aiming to be one of the leading label globally in a few years to come. She believes nothing is impossible with a good amount great work and determination! 

Ima Abdullah

Ima Abdullah was always fascinated by fashion since she was young. Being taught by her mother who was a seamstress back then in Penang, has made Ima’s passion for fashion grew fonder. Her first boutique was launched after she moved to Kuala Lumpur. Her cutting was comfortable that made most of the VIPs became her regular clients. She was not a fan of the fashion limelights. Thus, she enjoyed her days being behind the scenes rather than in the headlines. After her first child grew up, she rebranded the label to Sara J, for her daughter to continue her legacy but in her own way.  She is still working behind the scenes being the backbone and working hand in hand with her daughter, Sara Jamaludin. She believes one day, her legacy will grow stronger internationally.

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